Saturday, March 17, 2012

2 Redeemed Communities: Thoughts on why students may not be connecting

You hear all the time that some students have a hard time connecting in student ministry because they aren't making friends or don't have a desire to make friends. I am begining to notice lately (not all) but most of those who have this complaint are ones who attend Christian schools. Which is odd because you would think those who are used to being around Christians that it would be natural for them. I believe that the problem may be that Christian School students don't have time for 2 Christian communities. I am not assuming that all who attend their schools are Christians, but there is an assumption that they are.
Here is the deal. If you already have a community of believers (your primary friends) that you see on an 8 hour a day basis what would be the point of trying to connect with Christians that you see at church 3 hours a week? In a sense you choose the one you have the most time with, to try to build into a secondary community doesn't make much sense. This creates a sub-culture within a culture that is already separate from the world. Augustine refers to the two cultures as City of God (church) & the City of Man (world) in a sense we are creating an extra compartment in the City of God.
Hebrews 10:24-25 tell us to spur another on toward Godliness. When your community is outside of the church it becomes a place you just have to "get through" rather than a community encouraging you to persevere in the faith.
I don't see this happening with our public or home school students. They long for church and get along well together even when they come from different schools.
I am not against Christian schools just wanted to make a few observations to ask how we can help Christian school students to see a need for the church, the way God intends. What do you think?